Final Examination

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



Final examination

You are an intern at the office of the Counselor of the Department at the

U.S. Department of State. Your keen critical judgment, skeptical approach

to sources, and sophisticated command of the major themes driving

international politics have not gone unnoticed by your boss.

As the Obama administration prepares a reevaluation of its assessment of

current and future international politics, you have been selected to provide

a fresh approach to the problems currently confronting the State

Department. Select four (4) major international policy issues covered in

class (consult the syllabus and your notes—i.e. : war, sovereignty, economic

competition/cooperation with Russia/China, inequality, security, human

rights, international law, the environment, Eurozone challenges) and rank

them by priority: describe the problem, explain your ranking choice, and

recommend action while noting any constraints, if applicable, to your

policy prescription. Your memo should consist of 6 to 8 pages. Be concise

and persuasive, assert facts, and rely on logic in your argument.

The more sources from this course you can plausibly marshal to

support your recommendations, the better you will do.

Consider the interests of the major protagonists, while recalling the

purpose and practice of diplomacy.

Please footnote all references to assigned readings (and outside sources, if

you wish to rely on additional material—optional, not by any means

required) using the Turabian citation style.