Final Exam for SpEd 698D Special Education Law

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Final Exam for SpEd 698D

Special Education Law


Directions:  Include in your response to each question below a citation from Article 7 or a case included in our text.  Include the question in your response.   All responses must be received by Wednesday, July 2, 2014, not later than noon.  All responses must be submitted by e-mail attachment using 12 font and Times New Roman type.



This is the all questions that you should answer it 


  1. What is the primary difference between Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Ace and IDEA?


  1. What was the primary contribution of the Timothy W. case?


  1. What are the five steps in the process of a child becoming eligible for special education



  1. Are students with ADHD eligible for services under Article 7?
  2. Assuming that a child with a disability is eligible for ESY services, what should be included

in these services, who decides this issue and how many  “days” should ESY services be



  1. What was the significance of the Timothy W. court case?


  1. Explain how an IEP can be changed during the time period it is in effect.


  1. When the parent(s) of a child with a disability refuse special education services, what

responsibility does the school have to ensure the child receives an appropriate education?


  1. Respond to question 4 on page 222.


  1. When is parental consent required before a school can implement any part of a special

education program for a student with a disability?


  1. Explain the “stay put” requirement.


  1. What are the primary differences between Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and IDEA?