Final Assignment: Research and Evidence-Based Practice

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Final Assignment: Research and Evidence-Based Practice
Directions: Submit your response to the following question.
Post one new item of information you learned about conducting and critiquing nursing research in this course and one suggestion for further course improvement. This will be in addition to the final exam.
Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Research Skills
Excellent use of resources relevant to the subject matter. Research is evident. 10
Total 100
Comprehension of Assignment / Assessment
The question/topic was addressed completely. The assignment reflected a complete understanding of the subject matter. 30
Application of Course Knowledge and Content
The facts/details are complete. The application of course content and knowledge is both accurate and concise. 35
Organization of Ideas
The development of ideas is presented in a logical and sequential order making the essay/assignment easy to follow. 15
Writing Skills/APA
The assignment is easy to read and contains no grammatical or mechanical errors. Proper use of APA formatting is used. 10
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