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Clark defines “sexploitation” in the following way: “One of the most important aspects of exploitation films is the exploitation filmmakers’ willingness to include in their work what mainstream filmmakers will not. Indeed, an exploitation film almost by definition demands the inclusion of huge amounts of sex, violence, and action. Some exploitation films offer all of these things in equal amounts, but others elect to concentrate in only one area. Certain exploitation films exist whose primary function is to offer the viewer frequent scenes of nudity and sexual activity. This particular sort of exploitation movie is widely referred to as a ‘sexploitation’ movie”. The emphasis on exploitable elements like sex (and violence) have often caused critics to overlook the genre of exploitation, or not take its various “inferior products” seriously. Drawing from the work of Clark, Cook, Holmlund, and Mayne (and other writers who may assist you) make a case for the possibility that films like The Student Nurses, Black Mama, White Mama (maybe even, Switchblade Sisters?) can “manipulate the stereotypes and codes of the exploitation genres to create new meanings for women”. This assignment will test your ability to assess texts carefully and to incorporate them into an argument. Tips: you don’t have to read every word of every file uploaded, just skim through it, perhaps, and use what might be useful. try not to use outside sources unless necessary. The paper is mainly graded based on content, so avoid long introductions and just jump into the task at hand. make sure to explain everything and elaborate on quotes.