Field Experience 5 Observation/Interview

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Field Experience 5 Observation/Interview – Specially Designed Instructional Strategies

(Observation/Interview) Writer act like you observed a general education teacher third grade and a special education teacher and then interview both to discuss strategies experienced educators use to provide specially designed instruction that meet the needs of students with mild disabilities in general education classrooms.

Deliverable: Reflective Paper: write a 3 page summary/reflection of their interview with a general education teacher and a special education teacher who collaborate to provide specially designed instruction to meet the needs of exceptional learners in inclusive general education classrooms. Your interview, summary and reflections should focus on the following CEC Knowledge and Skills Standards.

CC4S1 Use strategies to facilitate integration into various settings.
CC4S3 Select, adapt, and use instructional strategies and materials according to characteristics of the individual with exceptional learning needs.
CC4S4 Use strategies to facilitate maintenance and generalization of skills across learning environments.
CC5S7 Establish and maintain rapport with individuals with and without exceptional learning needs.
CC5S12 Design and manage daily routines.
CC9S11 Reflect on one’s practice to improve instruction and guide professional growth.
CC10S6 Collaborate with school personnel and community members in integrating individuals with exceptional learning needs into various settings.