Feasibility study to Enhance UAE's Economy via Rail Network (Etihad Railway)

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Feasibility study to Enhance UAE’s Economy via Rail Network (Etihad Railway)






People are suffering because of traveling from a place to another all over the world and especially in countries which are growing very fast such as United Arabic Emirates. The topic of this report is building the Etihad Railway in the UAE which is one of the projects that the government planning to do in order to create high quality travelling for the public as well as for UAE economic. This will help UAE government to provide an easy life to its native people and whoever is living in its country. The company will get benefit from that by increasing the economy and reduce the cost of deliver products and make a network between all UAE.


Achieve global standardizations for a better life for the citizens of the United Arab Emirates and its residents by providing high quality method of transportation which makes transportation easier using capable, recent technological trains and environmentally sustainable way of transport with comparison to other transport methods.


The project has so many objectives. First of all, Etihad rail will give time and cost saving for the passengers and also for the economical industries from communicates all ports. For example, some companies nowadays are using trucks to shift products from place to another which cost high amount of money to the owners and take long time which the truck needs to travel. This will affect the business for the companies. As we known that all seven Emirates has a very important economic. Just imagine how will be the future business for the firm in the UAE if this railway is build and will connect all the seven emirates. This will increase the economy of UAE. Now, Dubai already has its own metro and this help people to move from place to place and avoid the congestion. Moreover, Etihad Railway will make a social link between people around the UAE. Environmentally, the normal single train has ability of loading up to 200 trucks. From that, the trains will reduce the numbers of trucks in the roads which means that the amounts of gases decrease. On the other hand, reducing the trucks amount in the roads will reduce the road accidents caused by trucks.

  • Is this project is useful for a small country such as UAE?
  • How long it will take the government to finish it?
  • Which areas the Etihad Railway will cover?
  • Do people use Etihad railway or they prefer their personal cars?
  • Did the Etihad Railway will help to develop economy of the UAE?
  • Do companies use the Etihad Railway instead of big tracks?
  • What are the Etihad Railways impacts to the environment?



The government should proceed of building the Etihad Railway in the United Arab Emirates because of its very important project. With vehicle and trucks growth in the UAE main roads such as Muhammad Bin Zayed Road, the government needs to find alternative solutions to reduce congestion in the main streets. Etihad Railway will reduce the previous problem. In addition, will communicate all ports in UAE, industrial area and oil companies from this will improve the economies of UAE. It also will help big company to transfer their products in the UAE and outside this will reduce the tiredness of time.

Problem Statement

The current situation for the transportation in the UAE is very good ignoring the traffic issues that some major roads have. In order to remove this traffic issues, Etihad railway project take place as a solution for the road traffic. There are no railways right now in the UAE except Dubai metro and the government has to plan very well for the train route to start making railways otherwise building routes for the Etihad railways will be difficult in the future because of the presence of the rapid urban development in the UAE. Part of the project will be constructed in the desert which may affect the project rails due to the sand storms which covers the railway. There will be fencing for the rail corridors to insure safety for the train and the passengers. The required time to construct this project is very long and the reason for that is the long distance that the project will cover (from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia borders to Ras Al Khaima).

There are some problems that may face me during my collection of information for this project for example: meeting the managers and engineers who are working on the project also taking the permission to visit the workplace and discuss with the employees. More over, this is a big project that extends in many parts in the country and the time may be not enough to study it thoroughly.










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