Fact Sheet on Accountable Care Organizations from the ACA

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Write a paper on U.S. Health Care Policy, specifically expertise on the ACA. Sort of a fact sheet: three-four pages explaining the types of Accountable Care Organizations stemming from the Affordable Care Act (ACA). There is a lot on this subject and much has come out since the ACA was passed into law. Also, briefly views on it’s successes, concerns, direction. Any information on the impact on hospitals would be great, if out there. Also impact on health care costs and other unintended results. Number of ACOs (if you can get it, it changes often). It can be between undergraduate and graduate. The citations are an estimate 10 is fine too. Besides health care journal articles (don’t need many, Health Affairs is good, focus more on including some other sources), I like “liberal” respected health care sources/studies (use at least a few below, but doesn’t have to be all of suggestions) such as Kaiser Family Foundation, Kaiser Health News, RAND, CRS, Urban Institute, CMS, HHS, Center for American Progress, Brookings (should be lots there), regulations.gov, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Congressional Research Service, Reuters. Magazine citations are generally not used, unless we’re citing an opinion (whether it is working or not.  Include website link in the citations!