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You can earn up to 30 points of extra credit by reading a book on reserve and completing an
assignment. The book is titled: Financial Basics: A Money-Management Guide for
The assignment requirements are to write a paper including the following:
? One paragraph for each of the first 12 chapters. Include in the paragraph, 2 or 3
sentences stating what the chapter is about. Also, write 1 or 2 sentences explaining if that
chapter covered material that was good for you to learn and consider in your own life.
? List 3 money strengths that you have and a compliment for yourself for each strength (see
page 126). You might want to take the quiz starting at the bottom of page 123 first.
? List 3 money weaknesses that you have including why you think you do it, and the
consequences (see page 127).
? Conclude with one paragraph stating what you are going to do to change at this time.