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Use the essay ethan watters “mega-marketing of depression in japan” and you are using either one of the other three readings. you only pick one though. i am leaving it up too, but you have to pick one that makes more of an argument. they are:
leslie bell, “hard to get: twenty-something women and the paradox of sexual freedom”
beth loffreda, “losing matt shepard” or
malcom gladwell, “the power of context”
for the introduction you have to introduce both authors and there has to be a strong thesis statement.
for the body paragraphs there needs to be a topic sentence with is catchy and strong for the reader. you don’t summarize but you analyze. there has to be two quotes in the body paragraph from each other. you don’t summarize there ideas but you analyze it and make an argument and connect it to each other.
the conclusion has to be good and catchy also.