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Tata Motors announced that Lionel “Leo” Messi, a professional soccer striker for Club Barcelona and the Argentina national team, will be a spokesperson for the company. Assume you have been hired as a consultant to Tata to answer a specific set of questions about exporting passenger car from India to France.

Would Messi, a Spanish team player, be a good spokesperson to build Tata’s image in France? Explain your reasoning.
Go to the Internet. Identify Tata passenger cars. What is the most attractive Tata model for sale in France? Explain why you chose that model?
Should Tata enter the French market directly or should it have a local French company as a partner to distribute the car? Explain your reasoning.
How could Messi help with marketing efforts? Be specific.
your answer should be no more than (minimum and and maximum) 5 pages (not including cover and reference page) and incorporate information contained in your textbook as well as other academic sources (3 references minimum required) which must be cited and referenced in APA format.

Project #98430 – Structure Programing Matlab

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Project 4 Instructions:
Your program should allow the user to run it as many times as wished. Use an appropriate loop.
Your program should implement the following tasks:
1) Display to the user the purpose of this program
2) In this program you will be converting temperature entered by the user in degree Fahrenheit to a) Degree Celsius b) Degree Kelvin c) Rankine or d) Réaumur
3) The formulae for conversion is as follows;

Fahrenheit to Celsius
C = (F – 32) / 1.8
Fahrenheit to Kelvin
K = (F + 459.67) / 1.8
Fahrenheit to Rankine
Ra = F + 459.67
Fahrenheit to Réaumur
Re = (F – 32) / 2.25
4) You will create a main file which will call any one of the 4 functions. The name of the function files that you will create are as follows; F2C, F2K, F2Ra andF2Re where the actual calculation of the selected conversion will be computed.
5) Each of the function files will have temperature in Fahrenheit as the input argument and the corresponding conversion as its output argument.
6) The program is to run as many times as the user wishes.

7) At the end of the program display an output statement which has the user input (temperature) and the corresponding conversion.