Experimental Design

Design two different studies to address your research question and test your hypothesis: one that uses an experimental design and one that uses a quasi-experimental design. Include the components noted below. Choose and justify the design that best addresses your research question. Fully explain and justify your rationale for all design choices.

Experimental Design:

Operationally define the independent and dependent variables. You will remember that the independent variable is one that is systematically changed or manipulated by the experimenter. The dependent variable reflects some aspect of participants or their response in each condition of the independent variable.
Explain the manipulation (or change) in your independent variable.
Present your question with its corresponding hypothesis and a possible data analysis to be used in answering this question.
Quasi-Experimental Design:

Operationally define both the (quasi) independent and dependent variables. Explain the levels of the independent variable.
Explain how your groups differ.
Explain why, in this case, a quasi-experimental design is required (rather than an experimental design).
State your hypothesis and expected outcome.