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Math 120 Excel Project

Your Excel project will be made up of 10 smaller projects. You will complete these throughout the semester and turn in all 10 at one time. Your instructor will give you a date that these should be turned in. You will submit your project through the drop box feature of D2L. Please submit your project as one file rather than 10 individual files.

In order to receive maximum credit, your project should have nothing handwritten, all graphs should have a title, and axes should be labeled. You should use the Excel functions noted in your text, not find the values by hand or with your calculator then enter them. The project must be turned in on time. Points will be deducted for not meeting format and deadlines.

Before you begin work, go to pages 28 and 29 in your text for directions for adding the Analysis Tool Pack. DO NOT LOAD MEGASTAT!

Please refer to pages 54, 70, 94, 127, and 147 in the ninth edition of Elementary Statistics by Bluman for instructions to complete the following Excel projects. You may also find Google and Youtube to be valuable resources.

Categorical Frequency Table for problem #14 on page 52

Grouped Frequency Table for Data Set XI on page 808

Histogram for Data Set XI on page 808

Ogive for Data Set XI on page 808

Frequency Polygon for Data Set XI on page 808

Pie Chart for problem #23 on page 92

Pareto for problem #16 on page 102

Time Series for problem #18 on page 102

Measures of Central Tendency for Data Set II on page 806

Measures of Variation for Data Set II on page 806