Evolution and Creation Custom Essay

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For this assignment you will only use the Textbook: Core Questions in Philosophy, E. Sober Please remember to keep your essay between 1000-1200 words (no more, no less). A philosophy essay is concerned with presenting and analyzing arguments using reason. You do not have to pick a side. If you choose to defend one side of the argument, it does not matter which side of the argument you pick. What matters is the quality of your analysis of the arguments and the quality of the new arguments you advance. I do not advise looking at secondary sources for such a short paper but if you are stuck secondary material can help generate ideas (but remember to cite all your sources, including of course Sober). Evolution and Creation. What is the basic conflict between these two views? Explain how evolution forms an alternative hypothesis to the design hypothesis. What are some of the reasons that Sober considers in favor of evolution? Can you develop criticisms of them?
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