Event Creation

Order Instructions/Description

Create an unique event for a city in order to improve its image and attract tourism.

Event description, mission and objectives

Marketing Plan: Situational analysis. Who is your target market? Taking into account your target market, describe the product, price, place and IMC aspects of marketing your event

Media: detail and analyze the media you will use

Sponsors: Which type of companies would you target for sponsorship? What is the win-win situation? Structure the sponsors (e.g. main sponsors, secondary sponsors etc.) and make sure they match your event!

Support / Funds: How you will financially fund your event? What is the main revenue source and what activities are you thinking to help your revenue generation.
Prepare a draft budget (Rental costs, security costs, production costs, labor costs, marketing and talent costs)

HR Planning: Number and kind of staff, positions and where you will find them. Training and motivation.

Logistics: Timeline of the event, ticketing, transportation and security issues, risk assessment, close down and evaluation.