Evaluation Messages

Oder Details;

As a result of economic hard times, you have already had to lay off workers. This was a very difficult but unavoidable decision. Write to your existing staff announcing that the company must look for new working strategies, including a scheduled, cumulative, regular employee evaluation system. Give workers an overview of how the system will benefit them by listing their specific work goals and measuring and documenting their individual progress toward reaching those goals. Also explain the protection and safeguards the company will put in place to give workers confidence that the evaluation system will be used appropriately. Announce the proposed timetable for implementing the evaluation system. Close with the appropriate follow up for this kind of communication. Body paragraphs: – Explain the evaluation Process. – Refer readers to additional information sources. – Explain (use list form to emphasize) how evaluations will help the staff. – Address what protections and safeguards are in place in the system. Concluding paragraphs: – Provide a brief timetable for action. – Refer readers to an online resource for timeline. – Point readers to the feedback loop. – Express Optimism. Notes: 1. Do not mention the current layoffs. 2. Use memo format. 3. Mention that the staff will have a chance to review and evaluate the strategies too.