Ethics homework

Here are the assignments and deadlines that you should follow. I will email you 2 days in advance when things are due to remind you. Also, I will let you know how much to charge me for the handshake and each answer so that It won’t cost me too much in taxes, (remember, single mom)!! Please follow all directions given because it is very important for my grade. The Final Project is self-explanatory. But I will send you an example of the Discussion assignment so that you can have an idea of how you should answer. PLEASE follow the Discussion assignment and answer all the questions and scenarios asked of the Professor.
Final Project Due 7/24/15
Create an Ethics Program
For this project you will create an ethics program for a healthcare facility. You can make up your facility of you can choose and existing facility. You will be required to submit a 20 page description of your ethics program covering the topics below. You can add other topics that you feel are necessary but you must at least cover the topics below. Use 12 pt font with 1 inch margins.
General Overview (15 pages)
o Overview of your facility
o Reasons for developing an Ethic Committee
o History of Ethics Committees
o Mission Statement
o Committee Structure / Membership Requirements and Selection
o Organizational Placement (within the Organization)
o HIPAA and Confidentiality
o Procedures
 List out the procedures you would create for this committee
 Create a flow chart that shows the Ethic Committee process
 How will you solve an ethics question and how will you communicate the committee’s decision?
Ethics Education (3 pages)
• Describe the methods you will use to teach ethic in your facility. What topics would you cover and how would you teach them?
Evaluation (2 pages)
• Describe the methods you would use to evaluate the effectiveness of your Ethics program
Discussion Postings

There are questions, cases, scenarios, and ethical dilemmas/issues that are listed in the Discussion Forum. Over the course of this semester, you need to read and respond to 5 of these topics. Read each of these carefully and make sure you answer all parts of the question(s). The topics seek to demonstrate your understanding of the readings assigned, as well as current events, and provide an opportunity for you to express your opinion on the topic.
Some further guidelines:
• All questions should be done on an individual basis.
• Post your answer in the Discussion Forum under the appropriate heading. If you do not post it in the correct location, or you post after the deadline, you will not receive credit.
For this part of the assignment, we will not be using assignment formatting protocols for spacing and margins. Please post your assignment by typing your summary or reply directly into the Discussion Forum; please do not double-space your posting and please do not use the attachment function to attach your Word file. You can (and I encourage you to do this!) create your message in WORD, spell and grammar check it, and then cut and paste it into the message box. By doing this, you decrease the likelihood of losing points due to common writing errors.
• In addition to posting your response in the appropriate Discussion Forum, you will also need to submit it to the appropriate Dropbox. By doing so, I will be able to provide feedback to you regarding your response and you will be able to view your grade for the assignment.
• All answers should address the question(s) thoroughly. This means at least 2 pages to answer the questions. Also, make sure you answer ALL parts of the questions. Your answers should provide insight into your knowledge and opinion on the subject, as well as what the prevailing thought is among the experts in the field.

• Please explain the issue using sources and facts, and provide a thorough explanation of how you feel about it (your opinion). If you use sources beyond your own opinion, these sources (including the text) should be referenced appropriately within your response and a list of references should be supplied at the end of your document.
It is recommended and encouraged that you read your peer’s postings to gain insight from their experiences and opinions; however, it is recommended you do this after you post your own assignment. Often, students inadvertently retain some of what they read in a previous posting and their own posting reflects this (which can be construed as plagiarism or copying).

Here are the Discussion Questions –
I will make it easy for you. If you still have the 4 page papers that you did for me, you can write about those two (2) in the Discussion Assignment. However, it cannot be plagiarized from the 4 page assignment. You have to write the discussion from your own words, and answer the discussion questions accordingly.
Discussion #1 – Staffing Shortages Due 7/12/15
Jenny is the nursing supervisor on duty at Metropolitan Hospital, responsible for staffing all of the units for the next shift. She knows that the critical care unit requires two licensed personnel at all times, as well as no more than 1:2 nurse-patient ratio. Three nurses are scheduled and the census is low – only three patients, of whom two are stable. Meanwhile, there is a staffing crisis on two other floors, where one unit is two nurses short and the other is one nurse short. Jenny could easily pull two nurses from the critical care area, send them to the units that are scrambling, and replace one with an unlicensed nursing assistant, without running any real pateint-care risks. Are there any ethical issues involved in this situation? How should such situations be handled?
Discussion #2 – Breach of Confidentiality Due 7/12/15
What breaches or violations of (patient) confidentiality have you observed, either in your own use of health services or in your work place? What could be done to reduce or eliminate those violations?
Discussion #3- Private vs. Professional Conduct Due 7/12/15
Bearing in mind that one may not have a responsibility to “blow the whistle” on unethical behavior in every case, which of the following do you think raise serious professional ethical questions or concerns? Why those and not others? What, if anything, would you do about each case? Paula is a member of your staff who: (a) runs the smoking cessation program but, offsite, smokes two packs a day. (b) has embezzled funds at your church; the board has decided not to publicize or prosecute, since Paula seems genuinely sorry and has agreed to return the money. (c) has soft-core pornography discreetly mailed to her at work to conceal this interest from her husband and children. (d) houses (or employs) illegal aliens at home.
Discussion #4 – Whistleblowing Due 7/18/15
Why is whistleblowing so costly to the whistle-blower? What are some responsible ways to resolve concerns about unethical or unlawful practices short of “going public?” Do you think health care staff ought to be financially rewarded for blowing the whistle on their employers? Why or why not?
Discussion #5 – Technology Creating Dilemmas Due 7/18/15
What are some examples of new technologies that create ethical dilemmas? What, exactly, are the ethical problems they create?

Here is an example of a Discussion Assignment so that you can get an understanding of what you should write and the length of it. (Whistleblowing)
Whistleblowing is the disclosure by a person, usually an employee in a government agency or private enterprise, to the public or to those in authority, of mismanagement, corruption, illegality, or some other wrongdoing (The Free Dictionary, 2015). To some, whistleblowers are just in it for the money, while to some, it is them doing their duty and companies should not be getting away fraud. Unfortunately, it is not an easy task and comes with its share of consequences.
Whistleblowing is costly to the whistleblower because while some may be protected from losing their job, some will be dismissed from their jobs, lose friendships, stress can take its toll on marriages, one’s health, and ostracized in the work place if still remaining at the organization in question. Careful consideration should be taken before considering blowing the whistle.
Listening to certain cases of whistleblowers and hearing the large payouts, one would think well if they lose their jobs and get paid millions, then what is the harm? Well not all cases come with monetary rewards to blow the whistle and cases can go on for years before settlement is reached if there is a reward to be received.
Before “going public”, one could opt to go to their management and discuss the issues or report to a whistleblower line at work if available. I personally think it best to discuss with the powers that be at your place of employment first. This gives them the opportunity to investigate the allegations themselves and correct actions if needed. In the case of Elin Baklid-Kunz, Director of Physician Services at Halifax Hospital Health in Daytona, she says she tried to get her bosses to address the wrong doing being done there which was Medicare fraud and admission of patients for unnecessary hospital stays. Baklid-Kunz spoke of her treatment by her employer like being kept out of meetings and coworkers not speaking to her, but holds strong to her convictions that she did the right thing for the public.
That being said, how do I feel about the whistleblowers being financially rewarded for blowing the whistle? It’s interesting that the whistleblowers are blowing the whistle because they are ethically doing the right thing, but I am not sure if I think them getting paid for it may not be ethically right either, but I can understand why it is done. If the person or persons blowing the whistle loses their job or may find themselves having to leave their jobs because the environment they are in makes it hard mentally to be there, then this person would need a means of survival financially. Once it is known that you blew the whistle on your present employer, there is a strong chance once the story has made it to the media and your name is out there, you may be find yourself unemployable.
In a case involving a Northrop Grumman employee that blew the whistle on his employer for improperly billing the government for airplane parts, the case went on for 17 years. He remained employed for a while but says he was locked out of the computer and could not do his job. He eventually left and could not find a job in his career. He had received over 400 rejection letters from potential employees.
In the Halifax case that I mentioned, the whistleblower Baklid-Kunz remained in her position the entire time with a pretty decent salary of $92,000 per year, but stands to receive millions to be divided between her and her lawyers. In this case however, I am thinking that she was not in need of money because she never lost her job. She may not like the way she was being treated but it wasn’t bad enough for her to leave either. The case has been since 2008 and she remained in her position since she was protected by the federal law. I think I am more on the side of compensation based on the circumstances. I will venture to say that the healthcare employees that blow the whistle are more likely to keep their jobs and in these situations and therefore should not be compensated once they have kept their job and is okay with choosing to stay at their place of employment.
Looking at it from a whistleblowers point of view, what would be the incentive, to turn my life upside down potentially for years and the possibility of being left to not be able to support myself and my family? If I could not be compensated in some way for saving the government from fraud and a continuous loss of money to the company involved, then I may not see it feasible for me to blow the whistle. Whistleblowing does raise ethical dilemma, but I think when it is all said and done, each person will have to do what is right for them and their family, weighing both the pros and the cons.

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