Ethics and Impact of Enron

Research on the Internet and the University Library to learn more about the Enron case. For example, considerthe book, Pipe Dreams: Greed, Ego, and the Death of Enron located in Skillsoft by searching by the book title.

  1. To locate Skillsoft, click on the Library tab.
  2. Scroll down to Skillsoft.
  3. Click on Skillsoft
  4. Enter the title of the book into the Search box.

select and research one of the following roles in the Enron case:

  • Jeffrey Skilling (CEO)

Post a summary of your research in the Learning Team forum that includes the following:

  • What position did the individual hold within or outside of Enron?
  • What role did the person play in the Enron case?
  • How did he or she contribute to the fraud and demise of Enron?
  • What were the financial ramifications to stakeholders from this individual’s actions or inactions?

Complete the following as a team:

  • Discuss the ethical ramifications and aspects.
  • What were the root causes and the impact of the Enron case?
  • What corporate governance and regulatory changes should be made to prohibit a future Enron?

Write a paper of no more than 700 words summarizing the main outcomes of your team discussion to the questions above.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.