Ethical Dilemmas

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Read the attached case study: Where do we go from Here. Identify the various health and social care professionals who are supporting Mrs. Williams and her family.


Task 1.

Write a report ( Using guidance & Structure given in English) which:

  • Explains in detail at least 4 ethical faced by the various professional involved with Mrs. Williams and her family. These include balancing rights & responsibilities, balancing competing needs and preferences; support vs. intervention; the impact of resource issues, issues of liberty, choice & freedom.
  • Analyses how 2 of the following strategies can support the social worker in handling the ethical dilemmas faced; supervision; the HCPCcode & BASW’S Code of Ethics, a multi-agency approach; the welfare principle of the children Act 1989.

Task 2.

A case conference has been held and a difference of opinion has risen between the family social worker and their GP. The social worker is focusing on Mrs, Williams rights to care for her child because she believes in promoting anti-oppressive practice. The GP, on the other hand, believes Julie should be placed in care to safeguard her well-being and feels the welfare of the child should come first.

In approximately 800 words explain the ethical justification of the social worker and the GP. Analyse the strengths & weaknesses of their arguments. Conclude by stating how the welfare principle could solve the disagreement.

Assignment Case Study Brainstorm Planning Notes

Key Issues


Social work caseload and resources

Mrs Williams has a complex history

Lack of parenting skills

Alcohol dependence; previous drug abuse

She is known to other agencies – history of domestic violence

Mental health concerns

Impact of borderline learning difficulties – won’t change or can’t change?

Danger of disguised compliance



Ethical Dilemmas in the Case Study


Welfare of the child vs mum’s right to be a parent

High level of resources & support for one family vs helping other families in need

Accepting the referral or passing over to another agency

Balancing rights & needs of mum (learning difficulties needing support) vs best interests of the child

Support or intervention to manage the risks to Julie

Anti-oppressive, non-judgmental practice vs previous history

Newly qualified staff managing complex cases

Expense of long term support –was 18 months in Julie’s best interests?

Deciding when to intervene rather than support

How to build working, trust relationships

Does the social work support empower or disempower the client – eg high expectations of change which cannot be met

Personal values & beliefs vs professional role

Doing a hard social work job vs managing your own well-being