Ethical Decision Making

1)  What are some examples of ethical decision making that occur in your

past or present job or industry?

2)      What are some of the challenges to business ethics faced in today’s

business environment? Provide examples.

3)      What are the elements of a crime? What are some examples of crimes

that do not require scienter?

4)      What constitutes criminal conduct according to the Racketeer

Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (1970)?

5)      What are the consequences of engaging in these activities? Provide


“White-Collar Crime,” in Ch. 22 addresses several forms of white-collar

crime including that of the Ponzi scheme. Also in that section is a

“Business Ethics Perspective”   vignette titled “Epic Fraud: Bernie Madoff’s

Multibillion-Dollar Ponzi Scheme.”

6)      What does this example tell you about business ethics and the need

for criminal penalties in order to regulate business?