Essay on the importance of enzymes specifically in digestion

Assignment for enzyme dry lab for BIOS140 week 2:

The IT ticket number must be included in this msword essay at the top by your name!!!! Place in your dropbox same due date and time as virtual lab.

Write a three page (450 words) essay on the importance of enzymes specifically in digestion. hint: start in the mouth with starch enzymes…following the tubes of digestion in order and list and explain what each enzyme does…..lots of items in the stomach and small intestine…..include the accessory organs and their enzyme contributions….. ending, of course, in the large intestine. Do the bacteria there in the normal flora use enzymes? Do these help us? What about vitamin K production??? DO NOT cut and paste as this will decrease points dramatically. Draw a diagram in your own hand (photograph it and paste picture in msword document with your essay). Include your references, always.