Essay and Survey

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


There are two components of this assignment. For the Essay component, you will make an argument, providing citations backing up your assertions. For the Survey Report component, you will be asking others what they think about the topic, and interpreting the results of your survey. You must complete both parts of the assignment.

The Essay Component and Part V of the Survey Report component (i.e., the survey report itself) should come first, followed by Part III and Part II of the Survey Report.


  1. Essay Component

President Obama has recently made changes to American immigration policy. These changes were made through executive orders and defer deportation for qualifying young immigrations and, more recently, for qualifying family members. Changes in immigration policy have national effects, but they affect Texas in a unique way. Texas also has a policy of allowing qualifying undocumented students to attend public universities at in-state tuition rates (the so-called “Texas DREAM Act”). President Obama’s recent immigration policy changes are being challenged by our newly elected Governor, Greg Abbott, and Abbott has said he would not veto a law repealing the in-state tuition program. In a 2-4 page paper, summarize these recent changes in immigration policy, discuss federalism in terms of a state’s role in immigration policy, and argue whetherAbbott’s decisions regarding these policies would help or hurt Texas.

Essays are required to meet the following format requirements:

  • Font size should be 12 point font
  • Font style should be Times New Roman
  • The report must be double spaced
  • The report should have 1” margins all around
  • You must have a works cited page

See the Grading Rubric at the end of this document for more information on how the essay will be assessed.


  1. Survey Report Component


Public opinion polls play an important role in contemporary American politics.For the second part of this assignment, you will be learning about the margin of error in public opinion polls and some basic knowledge in how to conduct professional surveys. You will be conducting your own survey and authoring a report on the survey results. The Survey Report component consists of five parts. Be sure to reference the Grading Rubric, included at the end of this document:

Part I: Collect responses to a survey question

Part II: Organize the collected data in a spreadsheet

Part III: Graph your survey results

Part IV: Calculate the margin of error and 95% confidence interval

Part V: Summarize the results of your survey, margin of error calculations, andconfidence interval calculations, interpret the statistical significance of your results based on the margin of error and confidence intervals calculations, and critique the survey methodology