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There are many challenges that face a new graduate nurse in the first 12 months of practice regardless of whether they are in a graduate program or not.
The transition from student nurse to graduate nurse may be a time of excitement and/ or fear.
Task Description
The first four months of practice requires the greatest personal and professional adjustments. Identify and explore THREE professional challenges that may experience during this time and identify and analyse TWO strategies for each challenge that will assist  in meeting these challenges.
Assessment criteria
1. demonstrates the qualities of a reflective practitioner by critically discussing own professional development needs and strategies to work with others.
2. Integrates ideas obtained from , academic sources, and from clinical placement experience(PEP) to develop strategies to support practice development as a graduate nurse.
3. Explores governance and regulatory frameworks in discussing autonomy, accountability and practice as a graduate nurse.
4. Communicates in academic writing using correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. Constructs coherent sentences. Correct use of the SNM Harvard referencing style