Ergonomics (Human Factors Design) Personal Statement (UK, Loughborough University)

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aI am going to “UCAS EXTRA” because I would like to change my degree option from Psychology to Ergonomics.

My first choice would be applying to the Loughborough University – Ergonomics (Human Factors Desgin)

I have also attached my Media personal statement. Yes, a bit confusing because I first apply to Psychology then Media, NOW TO ERGONOMICS.

But no need to talk about Media.

You may 1st take a look at the Media personal statement to see anything can be useful for this personal statement e.g. being student representative…


Please read everything first before start writing, thank you writer <3

You may change my reasons, ideas, opinions on the facts and information stated, thank you

Here is some information about me:

Impact Reptile , Founder, A reptile trading company which I treat them as a “Living Art” (patterns and textures on snakes, chameleon )


1) Radio programme host @ Only One Radio (Hong Kong) – A programme about “Wrestling” < I would like to expand this point to the WWE Storyline, The moves wrestlers do within the ring, and how the entrance music, lighting affects the audience


2) Shareholder, Artist Manager @ WOW Entertainment (Hong Kong) – Helped in audition when the company started, realised everyone has its own talent.  Also took part in filming one of the TV series which have not enough money to buy all equipment which used “wheelchair” instead of “camera rail slider”.  In addition, I wrote a “Microblog Film” on horoscope which will be shooting this Easter.


3) Freelance photographer – Charging customers for secret filming them with their spouse because I believe the most romantic moment is where photos are taken without noticing, because they kiss and hug naturally.


Interests / Other work experiences:

1) Astrologer, Tarot Reader @ – I love to examine the fate and fortune of human and the power of the mind.  Since I worked as an astrologer, all proceeds go to charity!


2) Founder @ Impact Reptile (Hong Kong) – A reptile import and export business based in Hong Kong.  Good relationship with famous ball python breeder, Bob Clark.


3) Secretary @ Hong Kong Turtle Association – Since 2013


In School:

1) International Foundation Programme @University of Bristol, Art and Humanities Pathway, Selected English Literature, Communication studies as 2 of the options unit.


2) Student representative of the International Foundation Programme


3) Public relations of the Chinese Society at the University of Bristol

Other things to add:

Why change from Psychology to Ergonomics



Do not start sentences with  “I”.

Expand the ideas.

I trust you writer, you may change anything and reasons of the information provided from above if it would make a better personal statement.

If you would like to re-write the opinion of mine, please do!

Thank you very much writer.


I have also attached an old personal statement in another word document.