Equine Exercise Physiology, Fitness and Training

Equine Exercise Physiology, Fitness and Training

Project description
Question One
Consider a racehorse over six furlongs.
a. Describe the likely cardiovascular and respiratory response to work. (300 word limit)
b. How would the cross sectional distribution of muscle fibre types differ between this horse and an endurance horse on inspection of biopsy? (200 word limit)

Question Two
a. Explain the physiological adaptations of one of the following horses to training:
The endurance horse
The race horse
The polo pony
The dressage horse (300 word limit)
b. How would the horse you selected in a demonstrate that it was being worked beyond its physiological capacity? (250 word limit)

Question Three
Based on your knowledge of the thermoregulatory system, write a case against the competing of three day event horses in very hot and humid conditions. (600 word limit)
Question Five
Having been backed the previous summer, your five year old Thoroughbred gelding has just had a winters break. You hope to compete in your first BE Novice Horse Trial in the autumn of his fifth year.
a. Prepare a diary outlining the proposed training and fittening programme for this horse, leading up to his first BE Novice Horse Trial and Elementary Dressage competitions. (1,000 word limit)
b. What further training would be needed to bring this horse up to a 2 star event level of fitness? (250 word limit)

Question Six
Discuss the use of two of the following as alternative forms of exercise for horses:

Water treadmill (250 word limit)