Environment Evaluation

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

the paper is to evaluate against a specific and mandatory criteria 2 news stories.  one is called ‘Department for Energy and Climate Change closure: Disaster or Opportunity?’ and the other is called ‘5p = The small cost of fighting an addiction and benefiting the environment’ . You have to write 750 words in total so 375 words for each evaluation of story not more. I want for each criteria in each story a paragraph of its own. so for the each story you write criteria n 1 news value: your answer

then another paragraph criteria n 2 balance: your answer and so on and so forth.


the 5 criterias are the following


Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the two news stories, using the following criteria:

⦁ News value: is it stimulating and newsworthy and is it ‘new’?

⦁ Balance: are (where relevant) both sides of the story represented in a fair way?

⦁ Clarity: is it easily readable, and have any complexities been properly, but clearly represented?

⦁ Significance: does the story have a broader significance beyond its immediate newsworthiness, i.e. does it fit well within wider debates about sustainability and governance?

⦁ Attention-grabbing: do the headline and image(s) help to draw the reader into the story?