English skills

English skills


Please write well-developed responses to the following prompts:


1.  What is something that astonished you when you first came to the United States?


2.  What is a subject that you find complex?  Explain your response.


3.  Write about a difficult situation that you have had to endure.  Describe what you did to cope with this situation.


4.  Classifying items help you see similarities and differences between complex things.  Write a paragraph in which you classify something into two or more categories (for example, a good student/teacher/boss vs. a bad student/teacher/boss).  Explain the characteristics of each group.


5.  What is something that you are eager to do in the future?



– No plagairism.

– use simple words.


– Due after one hour from now.

– One page long, use 4-5 sentences in your answer.



My teacher will be graded the answer on this criteria, so please be sure to answer it correctly:


10 points–a well-developed, thoughtful response to all questions


5 points–unsatisfactory responses to many or most questions


0 points–completely unsatisfactory responses; last submission; no submission