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Please write the outline for the argument paper, the topic is ” how terrible the sexual assault Affecting the Quality of Education is” (from the both sides).

Introduction 1:


The number of sexual assault cases on college campuses is a real problem that not only affects the victims, but also the college administration, and the men who are accused of the assault. Colleges and universities are ill-equipped to handle the issue alone, victims are scared to report the assaults because of the judgment and criticisms of their peers, and the men who are accused face an upward battle to prove their innocence.


Introduction 2:


Sexual assualt crimes on college campuses are a problem that affects everyone involved. When reporting a sexual assault crime on campus, keep in mind that colleges and universities are often ill-equipped to handle the issue alone. Because of this, and the amount of criticism received from peers, reporting a sexual assault can be a scary and lonely process for victims and those who are accused of the sexual misconduct.