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Consult an online dictionary and/or thesaurus to respond to the following prompt in a paragraph of 7 to 10 sentences.
Choose five words from five separate lines in the poem, “One Today” by Richard Blanco that you would have changed if you had been the original writer of this poem.
Write to explain what changes you would have made with these five word choices and why you would change them in this way.
I would change crescendoing to growing to have a more simple word that everyone could understand. I would change sorrow to misery so that line will have more meaning and the readers will understand the importance of this stanza. I would change gleaning to accumulating show the importance of them working with their hands. I would change majesty to nobility because it sounds more formal. I would change jutting to projecting so that everyone would have a better understanding.
Also explain how the use of the online dictionary and/or thesaurus assists you in making these choices.
The online dictionary helped me make these changes because it gave me a better on look of the definition and when I understand the meaning of the word then I go to the thesaurus and pick out a word that will have the same meaning as used in context.