English 101

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Making Connections with Motivation and Affect

Summarize an Article–Under the resources tab you will find articles written for teachers about implementing learning strategies or explaining the learning process from a motivational and affect viewpoint. (Links to all articles are found under the resources tab.)

a) Write one sentence telling why you choose to pay attention to your chosen article.

b) Summarize the article in 1 paragraph.

c) Relate this article to what you read in the textbook. What is the same? What new information did you read? What concepts from the text were discussed? Where did the article use the same vocabulary? Where were the same concepts discussed but with different vocabulary?

d) Where did you make connections with your own motivation or affect for learning?

e) What ideas were presented in the article teachers could use to enhance motivation for learning? What can/should teachers and schools do to enhance student’s motivation and affect for learning?