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sub-division layout and plan, location and layout will be provided The main body of the report will need to be 6000 words in length and presented in a technical report format. The 6000 word limit does not include the executive summary, table of contents, references and appendices. The report should be structured to include the following contents: 1. Rationale and Background: stating reasons for doing this project with a background to the project followed by principal objectives. Discussion should be supported by academic literature. 2. SWOT analysis: discussing strength, weakness, opportunity and threats of the project in terms of technical, economical and environmental aspects 3. Project planning: including specific schedule, time spanning, project cost, financial allocation, staffing, risk management and WH&S planning 4. Tendering process: determining the tender, preparing Request for Tenders, evaluating and selecting tender and notifying success. 5. Contract establishment: identifying one General Condition of Contract (e.g. AS4000, Hunter Council’s GCC, … ), developing Annexures I and II for your project, and developing a Statutory Declaration to tie all of the above items together. 6. Conclusion and recommendations: summarising key points of the project and proposing recommendations regarding how to improve the project in the future.


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