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Assignment 1.1


1.1 – Gather information on the following two disaster

  • Space shuttle “challenger” ,Jan 1986
  • Space shuttle “Columbia”, Jan 2003

Describe (may still be speculative for Columbia ) what ( materials & design as well as political/ management factors) caused disasters. ( no need to be more than one page ).

1.2 – Name five Generic classes of metals. For each generic class:

  1. Give one example of a specific component made from that class,
  2. Indicate why that class was selected for the component .

1.3 – Why do impurity atoms segregate to grain boundaries?

1.6- What is the proeutectoid phase for an iron-carbon alloy in which the mass fraction of total ferrite and total cementite are 0.02 and 0.08, respectively? Why .

1.7- Consider 2.5kg of austenite containing 0.65wt%C, cooled to below 727 ®C,

  1. What is the proeutectoid phases ?
  2. How many kilograms each of total ferrite and cementite form ?
  3. How many kilograms each of pearlite and proeutectiod phases form ?
  4. Schematically sketch and label the resulting microstructure ?