Order Instructions/Description

In Memo format, answer the assignment.

  • In the uploaded file docs (Economics Analysis Assignment), you will find the assignment.

  • In the uploaded docs file(Update thermostat system research you will find the idea of the project.

  • And there is an estimation of some of the costs in this file that may help. and the rest estimate them based on your research.
  • So use this as reference if needed.

  • We have 55 heaters in the building we are trying to update the thermostat system in it. It is 2 floors building. 24 of them are in the second floor.(use this information if it is needed in calculations)

  • Please include the steps of answering if possible.

  • In the uploaded Excel file (Economics_worksheet), you will find an class example that you will use the yellow highlighted numbers in solving the assignment.

  • There is extra files uploaded to help you solving this assignment.

  • Use IEEE format for references of this assignment if needed.

  • Please contact me for further information if needed.