Energy and Resource Sustainability Assessment

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Instructions: Answer the following 4 questions thoroughly. Remember to prepare a full essay answer, including properly cited sources in APA format. If you use a book (including the textbook) as a source, you must specify the page numbers as well. Quotes should be extremely rare – use your own words to demonstrate that you fully understand and are able to communicate course concepts. Any instance of plagiarism or academic dishonesty will result in a zero for the entire assignment/assessment.


Question 1: Short Answer/Essay 2.5 points

Describe what you feel is the greatest energy concern for the United States. Use course resources, literature research, and government reports to support your answer. Prepare a full essay answer, including properly cited sources.


Question 2: Short Answer/Essay 2.5 points

Discuss the Cultural aspects of energy consumption, as discussed in the course text. Of this material, what did you find most interesting or surprising? Be sure to fully cite your sources to receive full credit.


Question 3: Short Answer/Essay 2.5 points

What are the environmental impacts of Wind Energy? How would you propose to address these issues so that wind power can be fully implemented as an alternative energy source nationwide? Be sure to fully cite your essay response to receive full credit.


Question 4: Short Answer/Essay 2.5 points

Is geothermal energy a viable alternative energy source for the United States? Defend your position using properly cited sources from the literature, readings and the text