Employees Relations

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Assessment 2

 – Essay 40%

2500 to 3500 words (Word limit – 3500 words), excluding reference and/or bibliography list

Write an essay on the following:

  • What has been the impact of neoliberalism on Australian employment relations? You may refer to case studies of Australian organisations to provide examples and to display knowledge of the concepts.


Refer particularly to part 1 and Chapter 4 of the text book however wider reading is expected.



Text Book. Please make sure you should get some references from this book. The topic you have to read is (neoliberalism) I want the references with the page number like this one (Hamdani & Buckley 2011, p.33). Should be all the references are accessible.


Bray  M , Waring P,  & Cooper R (2014), Employment Relations, 3nd edition, (Sydney: McGraw Hill)

Bray  M , Waring P,  & Cooper R (2011), Employment Relations, 2nd edition, (Sydney: McGraw Hill)


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