Emotional Labour in service industry

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

  1. It’s a theoretical review and has an emphasis on [critical ]analysis, not mere description.Basically it is a literature review.

2.It could contains

(1).Background of emotional labour

(2).Study about emotional labour and development of it

(3).EL in workplace

(4).critical comments

3.Must demonstrate an ability to:

(1). Identify the relevent information and outline exsiting knowledge.

(2). Identify the “gaps” in the research that this research will address.

(3). produce a rational or justification for the study

(4). Synthesise results into what is and is not known about a topic

(5). Critically appraise the literature, culminating in a piece of work that is unbiased and valid.

(6). Formulate questions that require further research in the field.