Emergency by Denis Johnson

First, Identify an interesting, “concrete” repetition, strand or binary that occurs in the short stories “Emergency by Denis”. Then, write an essay in which you explore the meaning/significance of this repetition, or strand, or binary (Pick one to work with) by analyzing textual evidence (quotations) in which important references to repetition, strand, or binary appears. Consider how each new piece of evidence deepens your understanding of the possible meaning or importance of the repetition, strand, or binary , how each occurrence is placed in a new context, In your conclusion, you will state your evolved “thesis statement,” detailing the most plausible and/or interesting answer to the following question… Why/how is this repetition, strand, or binary important to the story as a whole? How does it enhance your understanding of the story’s overall meaning? In addition, you must QUOTE and ANALYZE textual evidence (passages) in order to analyze the meaning of your repetition, strand, or binary. And, remember I want you to dig deep beneath the surface of your passages, analyzing/explaining the meaning/significance of individual words and phrases. and I’d like you to broaden your scope, focusing on one significant recurring word, idea, image, or contrast in the story — a specific repetition, strand, or binary — preferably one that is also (at first, at least) a bit of anomaly — that is puzzling, that you don’t completely understand but that you want to figure out.