Effects of visual deficits on self care tasks

As discussed in class, the visual system in our brains is complex and utilizes 65% of our brain pathways! Because of this, vision is often affected after stroke or brain injury and can have serious effects on independence and performance with self care tasks.

Using either the hemianopsia glasses, fogged lenses, or dark sunglasses, please try to complete an ADL task you do routinely at home.

In your response to this post, please describe the task you were trying to complete in detail as well as what difficulties you encountered due to your visual limitations and what other strategies you used to be successful.

Finally, please outline interventions you might use as an OTA to address these visual deficits and ADL limitations.

When discussion possible interventions, please make sure you note whether it is an adaptive or restorative approach.

Please be detailed and descriptive in your posts and use a minimum of 2 references. Please make sure you are using correct terminology throughout your post.
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