Effects of Second Hand Smoking

This paper sought to craft a response on the question of the effects of second hand smoking on children and adults. By analyzing article reviews, books and research done by other people, results showed that second hand smoking is harmful to the health of children and adults. Second hand smoking causes pneumonia, bronchitis, otitis media, asthma, sudden infant death syndrome, reduced function of lungs, middle ear disease, bacterial meningitis, recurrent ear infections, wheezing, recurrent otitis media (ROM), retardation of initial fetal growth and many developmental problems including language, cognitive and motor delays among children. Passive smoking also causes asthma, coronary heart disease, subclinical vascular disease, increased risk of stroke and medial thickness of carotid intimal, lung cancer, nasal and eye irritations and lower respiratory track infections among adults. Research concluded that although some efforts have been made to minimize effects of second hand smoking, there is a lot to be done in order to fully eradicate the effects. In order to deal with second hand smoking, most researchers advised that non-smoking policies should be formulated and implemented. Majority felt that there is a greater need of a more coordinated, comprehensive and a multi-faceted approach of dealing with second hand smoking. It is recommended that Initiatives to eradicate second hand smoking be welcomed by all stakeholders involved including individuals, parents, work places, schools, public governors, and all policy makers including the government and leaders of tobacco industries.