Effective Versus Successful Managers

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you consider the connections among the articles by Luthans (1988), Hackman and Wageman (2007), and Beck and Harter (2014).


In “Successful vs. Effective Real Managers,” Luthans (1988) stated that less than 10% of managers were among the top third of both effective and successful managers. Luthans concluded that managers may tend to be either effective or successful, but not both. Luthans went on to say that an appropriate goal for cultural change in todays organizations might simply be to make effective managers successful (p. 131).


Beck and Harters (2014) study somewhat builds on Luthans. They found that great managers are rare. Consider the contrasting points of view in these two readings. Think about the extent to which Luthans suggestion of making effective managers successful has been achieved in organizations with which you are familiar. Consider how this information relates to the Hackman and Wageman (2007) article