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Identify a research topic of interest: Standardised testing
1. locate 5 research papers in this area which use different research methods or methodologies. Papers should have quantitative, qualitative and mixed method papers.
2. Describe which methodologies and methods are used to research aspects of this area of interest.
You MUST critically analyse the appropriateness of the methodologies and methods used to answer each papers key research question using a framework or tool for critical analysis of research studies, suitable for the types of studies you have included.

You MUST critically evaluate the papers discussion of paradigm choice. If not stated outline which paradigm best fits the research and justify your choice.

  1. Reflect on the identified methodologies and methods and suggest and justify appropriate research questions for future projects in this area that would be relevant to the field., focusing specifically on gaps in study design that a new study might fill. Give a brief justification if methodology and methods that could be used (no more than 3)

The focus of this assignment is on the research method and research process.
Present the assignment in essay format use of table allowed to enhance your presentation is allowed.
margin 2.5cm on left and right
double spaced
11-12 point type
A4 paper
APA referencing style