Order Instructions/Description

Using the Data of Canada (provided), and Eview result (Provided) to run a VAR Model(provided), From the data and result from Eview find a specific issue due to Monetary Policy to Canada during the period which data was collected. The paper need to include 5 parts:
1.Introduction 2-3 pages, this part is the literature review of the Canadian Monetary Policy during the time of the data I provided.
2.Model, 2-3 pages,Using the Var model, VAR Equation, Lags Impulse response, Variance Decomposition shows what they measures due to Canadian data.
3. Data, 2-3 pages using the data get from part 2, to explain the economic phenomenon, and the monetary policy shock to Canada’s economic. From your analysis from the data to figure out one specific issue due to monetary policy.
4. Result, 2-3 pages, explain the issue you found from part 3 and discuss about the issue using supporting details from outside resources.
5. Conclusion 1 page.