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lets respond to a classmate post
“Do u really care about high taxes?”
The problem lies in the information that politicians and the media are sourcing us. Higher taxes are necessary in order to provide the services that we need, but the public is many times misinformed and are unaware that the very wealthy do not have to pay these taxes, or at most, a small percentage. The common misconception is that we are already paying high taxes and it is not going anywhere and we continuously have to cut costs, when a good portion of people are not subject to paying these taxes at all. In many countries, a higher tax is in place, and in turn, those countries are able to provide better and more of those services, relating to important issues such as education, healthcare, foreign policy and infrastructure, all necessary things to move a country in the right direction. In order to do this, everyone should have to pay the fair amount of taxes, and no exceptions should be made whatsoever, we cannot move forward as a country if this is not done.