Order Instructions/Description

The instructions of exam:

1- Introduction
The introduction should have the theses statement ( one sentence) no longer that 2 sentence.

2- each paragraph in the Body needs to have closing sentences with your analysis (from 5-8 sentences).

Exams in your response exams

1- the primarily sources data should be from
5 paragraphs from the lecture notes
5 paragraphs from the text book
5 paragraphs from scholarly books
5 paragraphs from scholarly articles

2- the secondary resources data from
Magazine, newspaper and journals

3- use one of two graph

I will attach the following:
– The exam topics.
– The format.
– The class note that I have.

In case you don t have any access to the course book (Oatley, Thomas International Political Economy: 5th Edition) Here is a Google drive links where you will have access to the chapters that we have to use to write this essay exam.
Here is the links:

All reports will use Times New Roman font, 12 pitch and double line spacing.

This will be checked on Safe assign, and multiple databases to prevent plagiarism. Please be careful

I hope this is everything that you need. Please let me know if you need anything.
Thanks for your help!!

the number of the pages are written the instructions