Economic Sustainability is addressed

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Students are required to address the following question in a 1000-word essay:
Explain how sustainability is addressed within neo-classical economics and discuss
the degree to which this satisfies the core principles of the sustainability concept.
When answering the question students need to ensure they provide a) a clear
definition of sustainability and its core principles and b) an
explanation/demonstration of how orthodox economics addresses these. Points need
to be argued concisely and ought to be evidence-based. In other words, it would be
insufficient to argue, for example, that neoclassicism favours economic growth and is
thus incompatible with the key principles of sustainability? Instead, students need to
explore in more detail the relationship between sustainability and economic growth
and be nuanced in their argumentation before reaching a conclusion. The answer will
also critically depend on how sustainability is defined. Given the word limit, writing
needs to be concise.
A marking rubric for this assignment is available under ‘Assessment’ on LMS.
Students will be assessed on:
• their level of understanding of economics and sustainability;
• the depth of the analysis presented;
• the clarity and structure of the essay;
• the quality of the written work; and
• the use of appropriate referencing and quality of sources.