Economic evaluation installation of a CESL copper and gold refinery on a copper flotation plant. Compared to Chinese smelting costs

Order Instructions/Description

Provide a cost analysis for the installation of a CESL copper and gold refining plant to produce a final copper metal and gold product.

Determine the capital requirements for such a project, the operating costs, cost sensitivities, NPV of project, IRR and payback.

Assume the plant is designed to treat 60kt of copper concentrate per year. The concentrate contains 25-30% copper and 15% gold. Power is generated by diesel at $1.27 per liter.

Compare the operating costs of the CESL process to that of continuing to ship copper concentrate from Indonesia to China. Assume the Chinese smelter Treatment Cost/Refining Cos is $90 per tonne or 9 cents per pound of copper metal Payment is 95% of spot.Gold efining costs $7.50 per ounce and pay 95% of the remaining at $1120/oz