Economic consulting and managerial economics

ECON 474

Fall 2015

Professor Dubin

Homework #4

Due Sept 28


  1. Review the Bulgari and RC hotel (AYANA Resort) by visiting their respective websites. Describe any stylized differences that are apparent to you in a brief fashion. How many rooms and villas are at each property at present?
  2. Discuss two weaknesses of the Owsley report (main and supplemental). Discuss two weaknesses of the Dubin report (main and supplemental).
  3. Locate data for tourist awards to Bali since 2005. Cite a website for this. (Extra credit will be given if you download this data and draw pictures comparing the tourist arrivals to Bali since 2005 to the Dubin study. Ending in 2008 would be fine. Has tourism from the United States increased over time?)
  4. Could exchange rate fluctuations affect the regression models offered by Dr. Dubin in the Bali case? Hint: if explain rate fluctuations were not included in the regression models by Dubin (or by Owsley), should they have been included and how should they have been included?