Econometric Research Paper

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A time series analysis updating the Mishkin study (circa 1980) of does money really matter.  It evaluates the question of does anticipated or unanticipated monetary policy changes influence real GDP or the unemployment rate.  It was one of the basic studies in determining the authenticity of Keynesian versus Classical economics.   You will need to go on the internet, download the appropriate data, perform the necessary regressions and analyze the results comparing the results to the original study.  From the BEA and FRB web sites gather quarterly real GDP and some money measure (M1, M2, MB, MZM). The money measure will have to be deflated.  In addition you will need additional economic data that could be used to predict money growth.  Reproduce the Mishkin analysis using data since 1982 (including lags) to the present.  A paper of the problem, analysis and results is to be handed in on the day of the final.  It would be useful to have Microsoft Word with Microsoft Equation.

Please read the Mishkin study paper first, then find all the necessary with necessary equations, graphs and tables to discussion the question.