Eassy on topdog/underdog

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Unit 3: Interacting with Drama

Respond critically to Topdog/Underdog by Suzan-Lori Parks. Your audience is academic and has expectations about what makes a reasonable response to a written text.

Focus is vital. Your response won’t cover every theme Parks covers. That’s fine. Let your interests, ideas, and reactions guide you in your response. Whichever response strategy you choose, make sure to develop your points, and back up what you say with support from the play e.g. use words or lines from the poem to support your ideas.

I’ll be looking for:

● a strong, lively engagement with the play.

● a demonstrated understanding of the play.

● use of quotations and paraphrasing to support your points

● MLA documentation

● support for claims made (outside research optional)

● academic tone, eloquent prose

● cohesiveness: a central theme, idea, argument: thesis statement

What’s not allowed:

● excessive summarizing

● a like/dislike or agree/disagree or “this play is annoying” essay

● a five paragraph essay

● an assortment of unrelated, scattered reactions or a sampling of the questions below.

Essay Length: 3 to 4 pages