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The case is given to us from the book “Excellence in business communication” tenth edition; John V. Thill and Courtland L. Bovee

our group had to first write a work plan (I will attach it). The work plan is based on the case from the book.
we were asked to set the outline for the report and divide the work between the group members.

what is required now is to” write a short 5 pages memo report to the director of human resources, Kerry Simmons, presenting the advantages and disadvantages of e-learning and making a recommendation about whether Paper Products, Inc. (The name of the company in the case) should invest time and money in training its employees this way. Be sure to organize your information so that it is clear, concise, and logically presented . Simmons likes to read the “bottom line” first , so be direct: Present your recommendation up front and support your recommendation with your findings”.
This is the exact requirement from the book.

I will scan the case from the book, and the examples given.
and I will also attach my friends report who previously took the course and had her report done by this website.

For the pages: 5 should be for the report itself (the report itself should be divided into 3 parts intro, dis and adv, the conclusions and recommendations, 1 page for the memorandum, and 1 page for the executive summary (the professor advised us to write this summary after finishing the overall report). and 1 cont the table of content