Domtar Corporation Analysis

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Please look at the 2 examples and the direction and follow them carefully. I need you to perform this research as if you were a credit analysis evaluating a company (Domtar Corporation) and their ability to pay back their loan from a financial respective. For more information, I will upload capstone overview and introduction. Ignore the parts regarding the presentation and focus on the parts related to the report. To make it more useful, I will upload a sample provided by the instructor. Note, any resources used please sent to me specially the calculations. (Excel File) you will find a list of resources that are recommended in the overview. I’ll send you the financials from CapitalIQ please don’t list all the numbers just the forecast the important numbers and the important ratios. Please do the future forecast and analyze the profitability, liquidity and the solvency. also take a look at the free cash flow and analyze it
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